How can Career Intercom help me?

Career Intercom helps you find the right job, faster, now and throughout your career.

Four out of five jobs are found through networking. Helping others and sharing is the first rule of networking.
Nine out of ten people will not share publicly. But they will share privately.

So, Career Intercom connects job seekers, consultants and networkers to privately exchange leads.

Career Intercom helps job seekers, consultants, and networkers ...
* Store your target companies, functions, positions, and locations.
* Match your targets to someone who has information to share on your targets.
* Contact that person privately.

Other ways Career Intercom help with your search ...

* List companies you want to work for.
* Share this list with others with your personal Career Intercom address.
* When they find information on your targets, Career Intercom will tell you.
* You can return the favor.
* Find job search partners for motivation.
* Print business cards with your latest targets.
* Find others who have the inside scoop, on companies you're interested in.
* Others can find you about companies they are interested in.
* Before going to a networking event, know who has information you want.
* After a networking event, keep your new friends current on your needs and stay current on theirs. Efficiently and privately.