How can I help someone?

Would you like to help your buddies who have listed their targets?
Would you like to help someone new you met at a networking event?
Did someone new to Career Intercom list their targets?
Would you like to be proactive in helping someone you don't even know get in at the target company?

It's easy to help them!

Check your LinkedIn connections. Do a company search and LinkedIn will show you all the people you know at that company. Then offer it to the person asking on Career Intercom.

Check your personal contact list. Whether it's in Microsoft Outlook, in a file, in your address book or just someone you know around town. Offer that up.

When you go to a networking event or one-on-one, keep alert for what your friends on Career Intercom are looking for.

Check other social networking sites.

If you're job searching, then you're probably coming across all sorts of leads that your Career Intercom friends could use.

If the lead you find is public, share it anyway because it's better to be safe.