How is Career Intercom different from other sites?

TARGETING: The biggest difference is no other site allows listing your target companies. Career Intercom does. Experts recommend the first thing to do in job searching is to form a target list of companies where you can shine. Then communicate that to those you meet so they can help you (when they don't know, they can't help). Imagine going to a networking event and telling new friends your Career Intercom username so they can keep track of your Targets after the event. Today they have to rely on memory or perhaps notes on the back of business cards after networking events. With Career Intercom as your targets change your new friends will be able to know.

SHARING: No other site offers a place to privately share information that could be useful to others. For example, say you interview but don't take the job or don't get it. You have very valuable information that someone else can use. With a few clicks you can make it available to another who is specifically looking for that information.

MATCHING: Another difference is Career Intercom has a proactive matching algorithm that immediately connects someone who has information to share with you. Just like at a networking event when you tell someone you're looking for X and they say oh I know X. This is job search networking on-line. No other site offers this. With most current sites, you have to continually search which takes lots of time and effort.

ONE-TO-ONE: Today, if you would like to ask for company contacts, leads, names, phone numbers, email format, or company culture, you have to broadcast it to the groups you belong to. With Career Intercom, your request for information is seen by only those who can help you.

TEMPORARY FRIENDS: Another big difference from LinkedIn is Career Intercom is for new or temporary friends not just lifelong connections. Most jobs are found through new connections.

ALIAS: The option to have an alias is another important differentiator that Career Intercom provides its users. A good portion of the job seekers are already employed. They often don't want their current employer or colleagues to know.