How to create events with sign ups?

Career Intercom's event sign up has a powerful benefit for all networking event attendees that no other site has. Attendees will know (ahead of the event) who at the event will be able to help them with their target list! This is a powerful incentive to attend the event. The event host will know that the people who need to meet eachother will do so. See screen images and a detailed explanation of this incentive ... here.

Networking organizations and groups can create events with sign ups (also known as RSVP or registration) on Career Intercom. This requires special privileges which can be obtained by asking here.

Once you have the privileges, you can create events with sign up capabilities. A 'Add a new event with sign up' link will appear in the calendar page.

Your networking organization will have access to all the attendees' event registration information.

Events without signups can be created by any Career Intercom member. Help your fellow networkers know about events you find out about.