How do I build my reputation or check someone's reputation?

How to build your reputation:

* Share as much as possible. When others view your profile they will see how much you've shared.
* Once you've helped someone else, ask them to give you a star rating and some written feedback. Both are on the profile page, either yours or theirs.
* Fill out your My Account page so that others can 'get to know you'. Especially the affiliations. Create a link to your LinkedIn page.

Checking reputation:
Before you decide to contact someone you may want to check their profile for all the items mentioned above. You would also want to see how long they've been a member on this site ... it's labeled 'Member for' on their profile page.

I'm employed:
If you're employed, networking is still important. So continue to build your reputation. A few years from now, having a great reputation will come in handy for your next opportunity.