How do I make contact?

Two simple thoughts to making contact. First, find out what the friend is targeting and try to help them. Second, just be simple, considerate, and ask.

Highly Effective Job Search - Concise list Explains what to do when asking for a meeting.

Specific steps on Career Intercom ...
- Check their credibility by clicking their name.
- Click the Contact link next to their name.
- Send a friendly letter starting with what you can offer them and then asking for what you need.
- You can't see their email address but they'll see yours and can reply. It will arrive in your email not Career Intercom.
- As with all other first contact, if you don't hear back feel free to gently prompt them just once more.

When you speak with someone remember this acronym ... SUCCESS.

S Strategic - does the story fit the message I want to convey?
U Unique - why are you different from everyone else
C Clear - not technical but understandable to the person listening
C Concise - don't ramble, stick to one main point
E Enthusiastic - Smile, make it exciting, make it memorable
S Short - should be a quick answer to their question
S Solution- Why did you use this story, did it serve the purpose,
convey your message?

Making contact with employers ...