What are Targets?

One of the most important things in successfully managing your career is to target where you want to go. Researchers at the University of Missouri recently studied the efforts of 327 job seekers, ages 20 to 40. They found that developing and following a plan at the beginning of a job search has a significant impact on its success.

Carefully research where you want to go next ... which geography, industry, company size, company culture, and positions. This is called your target list or Targets for short.

Here's a good primer on making a target list ...
Creating a Target List of Companies
Highly Effective Job Search - Concise list (Makes excellent points)
Highly Effective Job Search - Online book
How to focus your job search with a skills matrix

Here are resources for finding target companies ...
Rutgers Library
Inc 5000
SEC Edgars
Fortune 500
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