What is Career Intercom?

Career Intercom makes job search networking more effective!

Career Intercom is a unique on-line social network where job seekers help each other land, by replicating, online, the dialog that takes place at networking events.

Career Intercom solves the problem of unlocking the 'hidden' job market. It matches job seekers to each other so they can share information to get the right fit job, faster. Job seekers share immediately actionable unadvertised (hidden) leads, recent and other leads, contacts inside company, contacts outside company, company culture, interview questions and other job search information for competitive collaboration. No other site offers this unique differentiator of matching one job seeker's target companies with others who have information to share. Job seekers exchange information privately and quickly.

Think of Career Intercom as a cross between Linked In, eHarmony, and Twitter.