What I can share?

First, do not put any private, personal or confidential information on Career Intercom. You simply announce that you have quality, current, actionable information to share. Then, once someone contacts you, you decide if and what to share.

So what you should announce is any (exclusive) information that you think will help someone else get a job.

Suppose you just had an interview but either didn't take the job or get it, well you have information to share ... You can share contacts, other openings you might have heard of, culture, interview questions, background check on a company or position.

If you're a consultant at a company and hear about an opening, you could share that information.
An employed person could help a new graduate make contacts, do background checks on the company and really understand if a particular company is the right start.

Here's a list of things to share ...
Job Lead
Unadvertised Lead
Newly Created Position
Job Details
Helpful Inside Connection
Helpful Inside Recruiter
Helpful Outside Connector
Helpful Outside Recruiter
Primary Contracting Vendors
Networking Event
Email Template
Company Pain, Problems, or Goals
Organizational Structure