Why have a job search partner or mentor?

Having a job search partner or mentor will help you in all the intangible emotional, strategic and tactical needs you'll have during your search. They can help you with advice, leads, support and more.

To make the relationship effective, you must set goals, follow up, communicate regularly and achieve your goals.

Career Intercom will help you find others who are looking for the same information as you so you can partner with them. If the person happens to be at a higher level or in the functional area where you would like to be, they would be good mentor candidates.

Examples of job search partnering ...
* Review resume
* Mock interviews
* 360 degree self assessment
   - Get feedback about you from new friends, after interviews, peers, and former bosses.
   - "How did I present myself to you on initial contact?"
   - "What's one thing I should change about my communication style?"
   - "If you were a hiring manager, what would your impression be?"
   - "What's one strength you perceive about me?"
   - "What's one weakness you perceive about me?"
   - "What do you think of my skills and experience?"
* Emotional support, Q&A, brainstorm
   - "How should I approach this company?"
   - "What should I present?"
   - "The interview went like X, what's your take on it?"
   - "The company's asking for X, what do you think?"
   - "What collateral should I prepare?"
* Proofread documents for employers
   - interview packets
   - "Competitive analysis"
   - "Why I'm the best candidate"
   - "What will I bring"
   - "How will the company benefit"
   - "I understand this industry"
   - "Company can generate revenue (or cut costs) by"