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For those friends targeting comcast, here's some information on it's being social ... Case Study 2: Comcast Less than 30 days old, the telecommunications provider’s primary Twitter account, @Comcast, acts as a conduit to its engaging blog feed @ComcastVoices and customer service channels via @ComcastCares. To early adopters of Twitter (aka anyone who’s tweeted to any extent for more than 12 months), the real voice of Comcast is senior director of customer service Frank Eliason, evident from his top right corner metrics in comparison to every screenshot so far: The way customer service works for Comcast on Twitter, is if someone tweets Frank (whether or not they know it’s Frank), either he replies first or someone on his team like @ComcastMelissa, @ComcastBonnie, @ComcastGeorge, or @ComcastBill (among others) tweet back on Frank’s, aka the department’s, behalf. Depending on the shift in the day depends who replies first. If Frank or his team can’t help you, they direct you to send an email to a master account and you personally receive a phone call within 24 hours, as I’ve shared previously about saving money. As for the website, good luck finding a Twitter link or icon. It’s not there.

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